Kensington's 50th Anniversary - Meet our Second Homeowners


Meet our second family, Petar, Jovana, and their sweet, adorable son! They joined us in celebrating our 50th anniversary with a Kensington family photoshoot and shared their story with us.


The main reason Petar and Jovana built their Kensington home in Bridgewater Trails was that they wanted to be close to both of their families who also live in the south end. But they also love their street because of the view - their home backs onto the trail - giving them the prairie feel from their own backyard.

“The sun sets in the back as well, which really elevates the beauty of the place,” said Petar. “It’s not a little home but I always say it’s our little house on the prairie.”

Nature and natural light are something that both Petar and Jovana value – they love the openness of the floor plan they chose and the opportunity to vastly customize it.

“The dining room has been extended and it has huge windows on three of its walls, which makes it feel like a sunroom with all the natural light,” said Petar.

KensingtonHomes-family photoshoot

As a bonus, the dining room extension meant they got a very large walk-in closet with its own window.

Of course, doing most things during the pandemic came with setbacks and the home building industry faced several delays and shortages. With that, timing was still on their side and Petar and Jovana’s home was completed within schedule.

“We knew what was happening at every step of the build and Kensington was really accommodating at allowing us to do some additional upgrades and changes throughout the build,” said Petar.


Receiving the key to your house and turning it into your home is one of the most exciting stages of the process. For Petar and Jovana, they knew it would be their forever home – at the time of possession, Jovana was 8 months pregnant.

“I remember we would drive every day to the house and envision where every piece of furniture will go the moment we get the keys,” said Petar.  

A moto the couple has always gone by is less is more. The pair previously lived in a condo, so their square footage grew considerably. Something they wanted to focus on in the home was the natural light – they went with a low-profile sofa to keep the large window open and clear of any obstructions.

“We love nature and because of that we have a lot of plants in the home,” said Petar. “We went for an earthy feel in the home with a natural wood look.”


As you can see, it was executed beautifully. Congratulations to Petar, Jovana, and their adorable son on their beautiful Kensington Home.

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