Spring Maintenance Checklist

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The spring weather may have taken longer to show up in Manitoba, but with most of the snow having melted, it's important to go through a checklist ensuring your house is ready for the summer season: 

  • Turn on power to air conditioner and check system. Have serviced every 2 to 3 years. 
  • Make sure the air conditioner compressor is level and clear of debris.
  • Maintain humidity levels, adjust humidistat as needed. 
  • Start and adjust the sprinkler system. 
  • Test exterior faucets for broken pipes. 
  • Clear all drainage ditches and get rid of any obstructing debris. 
  • Check exterior paint and stain surfaces (especially stained doors) and refinish as needed. 
  • Inspect for shrinkage damage such as minor drywall cracks and separations of wood trim. 
  • Test sump pump and discharge hose. Ensure proper operation and no obstructions or leaks. 
  • Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms, and change batteries. 
  • Inspect driveways and walkways for cracks, chipping and lifting concrete. 
  • Clean range hood filters. 
  • Check for and seal off any holes in exterior coating or coverings to prevent small pests from entering. 
  • Check caulking and weather stripping throughout your home and repair or replace if needed. 
  • Clean the HRV per manufacturer's instructions. 
  • Clean windows, screens and hardware and re-fit any screens that have been removed. 
  • Inspect basement for any water issues.  
  • Open value to outside house connection after the danger of frost has passed.