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November 25, 2020 |Communities

Parkview Pointe - A New Community

Kensington Homes is excited to build families their dream home in the new community of Parkview Pointe. Located in West St. Paul behind the Sunova Community Centre, Parkview Pointe has large, beautiful lots to choose from including park views, park lots and walk-out lake lots. Lots are fully serviced and is a short 15-minute drive to downtown Winnipeg.
October 30, 2020 |Show Homes

Fall 2020 Parade of Homes Recap

The Fall 2020 Parade of Homes was a huge success amidst the challenges and uncertainty of Covid-19 and our team was lucky to bring home six awards! 
August 26, 2020 |Buying a House

Getting Used to the Homebuilding Vocabulary

Building a home is a technical process, so naturally, there are some specialized terms that go along with the process. Even though there may be a learning curve to familiarizing yourself with the homebuilder world, we’re not trying to keep you in the dark – we’re just in the habit of using our insider lingo.


July 24, 2020 |Home Maintenance

Home Prep Before The Cabin

It doesn’t get much better than hitting the highway for a weekend away at the cabin. But even after you’ve got everyone’s swimsuits, SPF 60 and bug spray packed, there are a few things you should take care of at your primary home. Here are some tips for hitting the road with a clear mind on the weekend.

June 22, 2020 |Home Models

Five Affordable Homes with a Main Floor Office

If you've been working from home at the dining room table face-to-face with your partner for the past 3 months, it might be time to start searching for a new home. As your lifestyle evolves, so should your home. While some home offices were considered unimportant just a few years ago, today most workplaces have shifted their employees to work from home indefinitely during the pandemic. 

May 28, 2020 |Home Maintenance

Stay On Top Of Home Maintenance This Summer

Home maintenance in the summer usually means pulling out your green thumb to tend to your lawn and garden. But it’s also a great time to check in on the health of your home, and how it fared over the winter. We’ve broken down some of the areas to monitor over the course of the summer. 

April 24, 2020 |Home Décor

Tips for Setting up Your Perfect Home Office

During these unprecedented times, working from home seems to have become the new normal. Your home office environment is important for work productivity. Here are some helpful tips that we think would help utilize your space and create the most practical home office.
March 17, 2020 |Buying a House

The Benefits of Buying a New Home

Sometimes people aren’t sure if they should purchase an existing house and renovate it or if they should start from scratch and build new. Often times buyers choose to build new because they get to choose exactly the floor plan that meets their lifestyle, as well choose colour selections and finishes that reflects their personalities. 
February 14, 2020 |Buying a House

6 Moving Day Tips

Deciding to make the move into a new home is exciting but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Winnipeg Real Estate News have put together a checklist of tips that can help make your moving experience seamless. 
January 10, 2020 |Home Models

Duplex Homes - Affordable Living In Desirable Communities

There are many efficiencies, including cost savings, to benefit from by sharing a wall with another home – all while maintaining the benefits of your own separate living space and entrance.