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October 22, 2018 |Buying a House

Feeling connected to the process helped Jess and Chad Willis navigate their new home build with Kensington

When choosing a home builder for their growing family, Jess and Chad Willis liked the fact that they felt cared for by the staff at Kensington Homes. The sentiment that Kensington cared carried through the process, making for a smoother home build experience. 
August 15, 2018 |Home Décor

Tips for building new from industry insider Melissa MacTavish

Melissa MacTavish has been designing beautiful showhomes and helping new Kensington homeowners create their own personalized spaces for over five years. So when it came time for her to embark on her own build, picking out the perfect home for her and her schnoodle pup, Charlie, she had some significant industry know-how to make the experience easier.

July 01, 2018 |Home Décor

Getting Into the Zone with Your Yard Décor

Designing and furnishing your backyard sometimes feels like not just a different section of the home – but a whole different headspace. Tara MacTavish, Kensington’s designer and owner of Changes by Design, suggests thinking about the space just like you would your indoor haven, and had these tips to impart: