Building Process

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It may not feel like it, but this is the moment you have the most control in shaping your new home build. Choosing to team up with a homebuilder is a big decision. You’re most likely entrusting them with your biggest investment to-date – and nothing is more personal than where you live.

At Kensington, we want you to have a good rapport with your Sales Representative. Make sure to ask them plenty of questions about the new home-building process. Are you ready to Own the Build?

Put it in writing
Put it in writingIt’s at this point your Sales Representative will want to ensure your needs and wants match the home style you’ve chosen, and that you’re leaving room in your budget for any upgrades. As soon as you sign an Agreement to Purchase document, Kensington considers you our customer. We will begin to guide you through important milestones and building checkpoints via email.
Make it official
Make it officialIf you had any conditions in your offer (like the sale of your current home or subject to financing approval, for example), we wait until these get resolved to get started. Once conditions are removed, this is the official green light to get moving, and confirms we will get started on building your dream home!
Approve the draft
Approve the draftEverything from the position of the home on your selected lot, the home’s height and façade (elevation), and floorplan are finalized at this stage. You’ll have the chance to go over the plan and sign off on it, and the plan must also be approved by the city’s building permit office and the neighbourhood developer. Once we get through this red tape, your home can proceed to construction!
Personalize your home
Personalize your homeNow’s the fun part. Remember all the shiny fixtures you spotted in our show homes? You’re now in charge of making choices for your home, including paint colours, materials, and interior and exterior finishes.

Qualico’s Design Centre (1 Dr. David Friesen Drive)

designQYou’re invited to tour the centre every Thursday from noon to 4 p.m. It’s also helpful to start exploring Pinterest, home magazines, and anywhere else you find inspiration.
Lay a foundation
Lay a foundationYour new home’s foundation is excavated, then the foundation walls are installed and dampproofed. This is also when your piles go in – concrete cylinders that are pushed into the ground to act as support for your home’s structure. 

Don’t worry if you drive by and don’t see action afterward – the foundation is left to settle for approximately one week, allowing the concrete to cure before backfill. We also have a checkpoint here for engineer’s approval, which can take an additional 1-3 weeks.
Frame your future
Frame your futureWe start to frame your home at this point, putting up the exterior walls, interior partitions, and the roof overhead. After framing, windows and doors are placed, which starts to give your home its final shape. Typically, this stage takes about 3-4 weeks to complete before we move on to your home’s electrical, mechanical and plumbing components.
Rough it in
Rough it inElectrical and plumbing services are roughed in, as well as utilities like water, Hydro, telephone and cable. This milestone ends with an “All Trades Inspection” by the City of Winnipeg to ensure your new home complies with structural, electrical and plumbing codes.
See it first
See it firstOnce your home is fully framed, we want to give you the opportunity to greet your home! Your Site Supervisor will reach out directly to book a date that works for you (and your loved ones) to tour your home.

While there is plenty going on at your home during this stage, including insulating and completing the roof, there can be days without progress as we await necessary city inspections and approvals.
Finish it up
Finish it upDrywall is installed to close up the walls. After Manitoba Hydro hooks up your power, we can move on to taping, mudding and sanding to smooth over any fine lines between drywall sheets.

This stage usually lasts about 2-3 weeks to make sure your walls are seamless. Heating systems also go in at this point, including your fireplace where applicable, and basements are poured (weather permitting).
Make it beautiful
Make it beautifulNow you get to see the personal touches you chose early in the process make an impression. All of your walls and ceilings are painted according to your wishes; flooring is installed; plumbing and electrical fixtures make their debut; and kitchen and bathroom cabinets are installed according to your specifications.
See it clean
See it cleanWe’re tidying up the place for your first look at the completed build! We’re hoping it’s love at first sight. You’ll be guided through the home with the help of our Possession Coordinator, who will alert you of any outstanding items we’re touching up before your possession day, and you will compare notes. (Though trust us, she’s very thorough!)
Move in
Move inThe big day has arrived! We’re ready to hand over the keys (we do this right after we get approval from our Solicitor that all documents and funds are in place). We arrange to get you your keys right from our Possession Coordinator after you meet with your Lawyer to acknowledge all final documents.
Check in: 1-3 months after possession
Check inOur mechanical walkthrough is here to guide you through the details of your new home’s components. Any questions you have about your home can be answered by our mechanical expert during this tour.

After this, we won’t lose touch. Look forward to seasonal home maintenance reminders from our team, which not only help you run your home, but help ensure you qualify for warranty coverage.
You’re warranted: 1-2-5-10 Qualico Standard
Youre warrantedWe’ll check in on the one-year anniversary of your move-in date, which is when coverage for defects in material, labour and design runs out. We want you to submit anything you can claim before the deadline, so you get to continue enjoying your home for many years to come.

For more information on what’s covered by Kensington’s industry-leading warranty program, please see below or refer to your warranty manual.