Home Care Videos

Here is some helpful information and home maintenance tips to ensure the best care for your new or existing home. 

An Introduction to Kensington Homes

Kensington Home is committed to offering a full range of home options and to delivering homes with superior quality and design to home buyers in Winnipeg. Watch the video to find out more about Kensington Homes.

How to Prepare Your Home for Different Seasons

Winnipeg gets all kinds of weather, from hot summers and cold winters and everything in between. Preparing your home for the changing seasons will ensure your investment is protected and future problems are avoided.

How to Prepare for Your Possession Day

The day you have been waiting for is finally here – receiving the keys to your brand new home! To make sure you are ready for possession day, find out the steps you’ll want to take before the big day.

Kensington Homes Pre-Visit

Ensuring you familiarize yourself with how to maintain important components your home will go a long way to protecting your new investment. Whether its exterior outlets, the furnace or the humidifier and HRV system, find out how to properly take care of your home.

Kensington Homes Site Visits

Visiting your new home while it is under construction is an important step in the home building process. However, there are some important things you need to know to ensure it is a positive and safe experience.

All About Your HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation System)

The Heat Recovery Ventilation System is an important component to every home; but what exactly does it do?  Watch this video to learn about how your HRV System works.

How to Maintain Your Home Grading

Find out how to maintain the grading on your property to ensure water is directed away from your home’s foundation.

How to Care for Your Concrete

Canadian weather and prairie soil can be particularly harsh to Winnipeg roads, and our home’s driveway is no exception. Find out ways you can protect your concrete from cracking and heaving. 

How to Adjust Your Cabinets

As your house settles, it is normal for cabinet doors to shift slightly. With just a screwdriver, find out the steps you’ll need to take to adjust your cabinets after you’ve moved in.

How to Adjust Your Doors

When a new home settles its normal if you find a slight gap between the door and the doorframe. Using a screwdriver or drill, find out how to adjust your doors to ensure maximum energy efficiency and security.

Home Construction Process

This video will help you understand the building process, what your role is in the process, and what comes next.